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Meet the team

The study has relied on a vibrant group of post doc, PhD students, research assistants and undergraduate students to make it such a success.

Principal investigator

Photo of Courtenay Frazier Norbury

Courtenay Frazier Norbury

Courtenay did her PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford, working with Professor Dorothy Bishop on the overlapping language profiles that characterise autism spectrum disorder and developmental language disorder. She remains interested in the overlaps between language, cognition, and social interaction across a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. She is one of the joint editors of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and a founding member of the RALLI campaign ( She also loves baking and seeing her students flourish.

LiLaC members

  • Photo of Sarah Griffiths

    Sarah Griffiths

    SCALES Research Associate

    Sarah joined LiLaC Lab in 2018 as a Research Associate for SCALES. She completed her PhD at the University of Bristol with Marcus Munafo and Chris Jarrold. Her PhD research focused on emotion recognition in children with autism. After her PhD, she moved to the University of Cambridge to work with Simon Baron-Cohen on social vulnerability and mental health outcomes in autism. She is particularly interested in understanding links between language, emotion processing and mental health in young people with neurodevelopmental conditions.
  • Photo of Laura Lucas

    Laura Lucas

    SCALES Research Assistant

    Laura joined LiLaC Lab in 2018 as a Research Assistant for SCALES. She has a background in Psychology and completed an MSc in Developmental Disorders. Before joining the SCALES team, Laura worked on the SHIPS (Screening to improve Health In very Pre-term infantS) study at the University of Leicester which involved conducting developmental assessments with children 5 & 6 years of age born at less than 28 weeks gestation.
  • Photo of Jessica Banks

    Jessica Banks

    SCALES Research Assistant

    Jess joined LiLaC Lab in 2018 as a Research Assistant. She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Sussex. Jess has worked in various research and education roles, with her latest Research Assistant post at the University of Sussex investigating infant colour vision deficiency and colour perception in autistic adults. She has a particular interest in the links between mental health and neurodevelopmental conditions in schools and their future impact on young people.
  • Photo of Lydia Yeomans

    Lydia Yeomans

    SCALES Student Research Assistant

    Lydia is a final year MSci Psychology student at UCL. Her current project focuses on exploring the relationship between socioeconomic status and language development in the SCALES cohort, under the supervision on Prof. Norbury. She is particularly interested in neurodevelopmental disorders and the impact of socioeconomic disadvantage throughout childhood and adolescence.
  • Photo of Disa Witkowska

    Disa Witkowska

    Student Research Assistant

  • Photo of Chatrin Suksasilp

    Chatrin Suksasilp

    Student Research Assistant

    Chatrin is a second year BSc Psychology and Language Sciences student. His research interests lie in understanding the relationships between language and other forms of cognition like memory, attention and emotion processing. In addition, he is interested in linguistics and philosophy of mind, and how data from experimental psychology can inform debates in these disciplines.
  • Photo of Ian Chard

    Ian Chard

    Student Research Assistant

    Ian is a final year MSci Psychology student at UCL. His main research interests lie in exploring how social anxiety can induce dysfluency in stammering and understanding what neural impairments may underlie this relationship. His current project explores the contextual variation of stammering, also incorporating neuroimaging. Ian is currently assisting in the LiLaC Lab as a student research assistant, helping out with various projects including SCALES.

PhD Students


  • Photo of Debbie Gooch

    Debbie Gooch

    SCALES Project Manager (University of Surrey)

    Debbie completed her PhD with Prof. Maggie Snowling and Prof. Charles Hulme at the University of York in 2009. Her research focused on understanding the comorbidity between dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) by investigating the cognitive profiles associated with these disorders and their overlap.

    She has continued to explore issues of comorbidity between developmental disorders and how this impacts on the behavioural manifestation of disorders to affect children’s educational outcomes, first as a Research Fellow on the Wellcome Language and Reading Project at York University and now as the Project Manager for SCALES.
  • Photo of Megan Leverington

    Megan Leverington

    SCALES Student Research Assistant (University of Surrey)

    Megan is a final year Bsc Psychology Undergraduate at the University of Surrey. She was fortunate enough to spend her placement year at Great Ormond Street Hospital in the Neurodisability Service, assisting in the assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental disorders. Megan's main interests are Clinical and Developmental Psychology, and she hopes to complete further post-graduate studies and training in order to channel these interests into her future career.
  • Photo of Katherine Hain

    Katherine Hain

    SCALES Student Research Assistant (University of Surrey)

    Katherine is currently in the final year of her Psychology degree, studying at the University of Surrey. Having worked with children and young people with autism spectrum disorder at the National Autistic Society for almost 3 years, she has developed a passion for working with this particular group of people. With an overall goal to become an autism specialist in the future, Katherine is focusing on gaining a variety of experience in the field of working with children and young people.
  • Photo of Sarah Venn

    Sarah Venn

    SCALES Student Research Assistant (University of Surrey)

    Sarah completed a BA (Hons) in Early Childhood Studies in 2008 and has since been working in various roles educating children. These roles have included teaching assistant, English teacher and workshop leader. Sarah has always had a passion for child care and education leading her to study a BSc in Psychology with various different interests, one of which being children’s acquisition of language.
  • Photo of Gillian Baird

    Gillian Baird

    Consultant Paediatrician, Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

  • Photo of Tony Charman

    Tony Charman

    Professor of Clinical Child Psychology, IoPPN

  • Photo of Andrew Pickles

    Andrew Pickles

    Director, Biostatistics Department, IoPPN

  • Photo of Emily Simonoff

    Emily Simonoff

    Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, IoPPN


  • Photo of Charlotte Wray

    Charlotte Wray

  • Photo of Harriet Maydew

    Harriet Maydew

    Graduate Research Assistant on SCALES

  • Photo of Rebecca Lucas

    Rebecca Lucas

    Former PhD student is now a lecturer at Roehampton University