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Media Coverage

SCALES in the news!


Times Educational Supplement 2020: Developmental Language Disorder – What you need to know.

How can schools support pupils with developmental language disorder? Read the article here.


Times Educational Supplement Podcast 2018: Why the naughty kids may just have language challenges

Currently, children with DLD tend to be seen as “lower ability” or wilfully naughty. Neither.. is true. Read the article here.


The Guardian 2017: Developmental Language Disorder – the most common childhood condition you’ve never heard of

Professor Courtenay Norbury debunks some myths about children with this common but poorly understood condition. Read the article here.


The Guardian 2016: Equip teachers to support children with language disorders in the classroom

It is estimated that two children in every class of 30 suffers from language disorders but their difficulties are often mistaken for bad behaviour. Read the article here.


The Guardian 2015: Summer-born children in danger of being left behind, says school study

National curriculum should be tailored to account for needs of younger children in first year of school, say researchers. Read the article here.